We have snow! I’ve missed blogging for a whole season! WTF? Lots has happened. I’m working from home! OK..so the hours aren’t the best…feast or famine but hey, for now it’s great! I’m working for an online market research company. Did I say I work at HOME? LOL. I do like it. The commute is short, warm and dry…oh and FREE!

We’ve been experiencing some big life changes. My husband’s Dad has Alzheimer’s so you know what’s been going on in his head/heart. I found a J.O.B. …. I decided if my employment was changing then I was going to make it work for me for a change. The tail still wags the dog but at least the conditions are more to my terms. It’s a start. My DH has had problems for some years with his knees and now hip. DAMN ARTHURITIS! I know…bad sp but that’s what we call it..LOL. So finally after all this time he has his first specialist appointment in January. I’m hoping he can find a light at the end of the tunnel. It’ll take time but it’s a start.

Short Rant Alert!! No offence Americans but I’ve talked to many of you who carry on about our “free” health care up here. WELL….here’s the gist of it…. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Medical care up here can be like our repair policy we had in our electronics repair shop.

Your service will be: (pick two)

Do you see the theme? We pay in many ways…. long waiting times for service, extra fees, etc and so forth. And when you are lucky enough to find a family GP you better like them cause you don’t get a second try. There just aren’t enough to go around.

OK…end of rant. I’m sitting here typing on my new laptop. Not expensive by any means but a major upgrade to me. I’m amazed at how quickly viruses invaded my puter! McAfee you SUCK!! Windows 8 I like ya but all that “free” software you and Acer loaded on caused me great trauma. Thanks to Norton I’m good now!

A.D.D. switch – My man and I have been working on loosing weight and getting healthy!! Doing pretty well so far…more on that later on. But I found a site that I recommend to anyone just starting out or has been on the path for some time and it’s FREE!
Just go there and look around. You’ll be glad you did.

Spark People even have resources for depression! It’s a constant battle but it can be fought quite well with the right tools and determination.

That’s all for now…..Wave Wave Wave

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I’m no longer counting days of unemployment. Way too discouraging. It’s a full time job finding a job. “How can this much effort net little return??” Turn on the T.V. or read the news. You’ll find there is somewhere in the neighbourhood of ONE MILLION people unemployed in Ontario RIGHT NOW! It’s scary to think about the whole picture. Of course those statistics don’t include the Homeless population. Did you know that our statistics for unemployment do not include the homeless? Makes me shiver just thinking about it….

Actually… this makes my problems seem just a little bit more manageable. So….out of sheer desperation/stupidity I will endeavor to utilize my B.L.O.G.! (Which if I was honest I really should have thought of this a month ago.) Oh well…onward bound. LOL!

I’m fairly sure that I’m my only reader…so I will be using my blog as a hub for job hunting in Ontario. Specifically London. Check my progress…..new static pages will be posted with links to job search boards and resources. Possibly a page to help you keep track of where your efforts are being focused and how to keep tabs on your progress.

In the immortal words of a song from the 80’s by a person I don’t remember, “Hang on…help is on it’s way” Music running through my head……

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Well the smart ass statement “don’t burn your bridges…” is possibly a lie! The call I received from a previous employer turned out to be another slap in the face! I’m beginning to think companies are no different than people…maybe they are a one celled organism…hmm…..

The call I received was actually from a new “HR” person that I hadn’t met because he was hired not very long ago. During that call I was led to believe that I was hired….start Friday at 5 pm but you have an interview first on Tuesday morning. Shame on me…..I wasn’t prepared to answer “fluffy” questions that to be honest really couldn’t have revealed weather a person is a good employee or not. In fact I found them to be a little too personal for a job interview. Never the less I should have been ready for anything.

I did have a feeling as soon as I sat down that something wasn’t right. Quick look over the resume…no questions asked about previous employment/duties, work environment, etc. The young woman that was leading the interview really wasn’t into it. So…when we were done I asked the question, “Do I start Friday?” “Oh, well….we have had other interviews.” she replies. “We will call by the end of the day.” That was yesterday. SLAP! Seriously…that was just rude and uncalled for. I don’t know what happened but I can tell you I am not very happy. I didn’t call them…they called me. I’m sure there is more to it than what I know but if you want to play politics or whatever the reason play with someone else. Actually…don’t PLAY at all. Treat people fairly and respectfully. After all….there may be more people looking for work than there are jobs….but they are people. Possible business as well. Don’t forget…you too are the face of your business.

This was an experience that I won’t soon forget. Lesson learned.

So here I sit arguing with my Depression. Smacking myself for my lack of foresight. Now what do I do? Keep applying places and wait in terror for my next interview. Win the lottery? HA! Okay…maybe not that last part…but I can dream. I’ve been dealing with my depression for over 30 years and still have a hard time seeing past it. I’m constantly wondering “Am I being too sensitive?”, “Am I good enough?” “What the f*&% is the point?” Is this a “normal” way to feel/act? I don’t know. Do you?

It must be normal to feel bitter. Sometimes it seems like you work your butt off, take chances to improve yourself and your life but still it isn’t enough. Is it just a big lesson? When’s the exam? To be honest I’d like to write it and move on to the next lesson. I hope that it’s about something far more fun and interesting. Do I wish I was kayaking? HELL YES!

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