On Tuesday my friend, Chrissy, and I traveled to Windsor to paddle Peche Island:

Peche Island. Click image to see full size.

We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day….yes it was very HOT! but we had a nice wind coming off Lake St. Clair. There is a tiny little launch spot called “Kayak Cove” off River Rd, just west of the swimming area on Lake St. Clair. You really have to look for the spot…we passed it twice. LOL!

If you’ve never heard of Peche Island I think you’ll find the stories interesting. It has a colorful history, from Native Treaties to being a hide-out used by booze runners during prohibition. It’s said that the island was cursed by one of the original settlers. The ruins of the Hiram Walker Estate sit waiting to be explored. Read about the history of Peche Island.

Chrissy and I were prepared for pretty much everything but it didn’t occur to us that we might need to secure our yaks to a tree. All of our adventures have been to isolated places so it didn’t occur to us to bring a lock and cable. We didn’t explore the inner island because we wanted to make sure we had a way home. LOL However, we were able to paddle much of the interior water ways.

[album: http://artemisnorth.com/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Peche Island/]

We explored around for about four hours and decided it was time to head back. By the time we had everything packed and secured we were pooped, sweaty and in need of a swim. OMG…the water of Lake St. Clair is beautiful. We are not often spoiled with a nice soft sandy bottom…though the swimming area there only goes as deep as your waist. We were refreshed and ready for the drive home.

Outside of Leamington we realized we had made a wrong turn but we were heading in the right direction so what the heck. Best wrong turn ever! Crossing a small bridge over a marsh we saw so many White Egrets and Blue Herons flying above. Unbelievable! According to the map we were at the south edge of Hillman Marsh. Check out these pics:

[album: http://artemisnorth.com/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Hillman Marsh/]

This really was the highlight of our trip. Peche Island was relaxing and fun because it was someplace different but we were both a little disappointed with the birding. Hillman Marsh is definitely going on our list of day trips want to take. Can’t wait!

I’m still learning about my cammie. Haven’t named it yet..LOL!! For the marsh pics I think I should have used a longer aperture setting because the sun was starting to go down. And I need to learn how to hold my camera really still. When I’m using the larger lens it’s really important to HOLD STILL! I’ll figure it out yet.

There is so much to learn. I’ve been reading about photography and using SLR cameras for several years while yearning for the real thing. I’m really glad I have that basic knowledge because there is soooo much more to learn with hands on. I’m loving every minute of it!

In fact here’s a shot I took I’ll call “Painting with light”:

I literally just set the camera down on the picnic table, clicked the button and waved my lighter around in front of the lens. It was pitch black out so you can imagine how long it took to take the picture….maybe 20 seconds or more. It’s not focused in anyway, as you can tell. In fact I just switched it to “P” (for professional ..LOL). I just wanted to try it. I’m amazed! It’s magic. LOL.

This one is the lights in Chrissy’s garden:

Again, just playing and learning. Everyday I learn something new and try it out.

OH and yes, Candace, you are awesome! You truly are the axis of my world. HA HA HA