Okay…so I promised crafts and am delivering birds. Well, it’s spring damn it! And, I have batteries in my camera. I promise I am still crafting.

The Hemlock Ring Blanket became a big doily. Why? Well…….I used the beautiful sock wool I own and decided that “DAMN IT!” I really wanted to finish this pattern and see how it should be. And I did….now I have to block it. Spring is here…..and it’s kinda big so I’ll do that outside.

1-11.jpg This is the newest beauty I’m working on. I’ve never made myself a sweater and this one is a beauty to work on! DROPS patterns are well written. In fact check out all the patterns. And they are FREE!

Back to my sweater. I’m on line 3. Modular knitting is fun and works up fast. For people like me who like to see results as fast as possible this project is perfect. I decided to stay with the variegated wool. My first ball of wool had similar colors to the model but just didn’t pool properly. I’m a large woman and didn’t really want to look like a walking billboard so…..I toned down the colors a bit on my second try. The effect? Perfect I think….wait till you see!

I’m working this sweater up using worsted weight yarn. It’s Phentex, cheap yarn…BUT…..it’s really nice to work with. Soft with a nice sheen…I’m surprised. I picked the yarn because of cost. My stash has some wonderful wools but not enough for this project and not DK weight. Because I’m using a heavier yarn I’m using US size 3 needles. Nice gauge! It feels great…I think this will be a cozy “round the campfire” sweater. I can’t wait to wear it!

I had a really weak moment today. There I was standing at the corner of Richmond and Oxford, steps away from a wool shop that has “orgasmic” wools, with extra time on my hands. It was only 11am and I didn’t have to pick up my grandson, Apollo, until noon. “HMMMMMM……….I do have some money in my pocket.” “Just a look” I tell myself. Well, really more like a “touch”. The sun was shining, the light was red and the original reason I was standing on that corner was to walk to Apollo’s house for the exercise and to enjoy the day. Thankfully, the light changed and so did my thinking. “NO!” I told myself and took off in the opposite direction. It was a great day for a walk! That was a close call. GRIN

Speaking of Apollo. I’m sure you read other Grandparents’ blogs who brag like mad about their grandchildren. I may become one of those grandparents but I worry about posting pics of him on the net. There are always warnings about not posting pics of your kids on the net for safety sake. Anyone care to share an opinion?

Now…on to the birds. It is spring you know…. Here is a duck I saw in Springbank Park, along the river by the dam. Beautiful colors! But what is he? I’ve tried several bird guides but nothing seems to fit. A cross breed?





While walking along the trail I noticed that the geese were all acting a little “nuts”. You can sure tell it’s spring. This time of year a walk through Springbank is like watching a wildlife porno. (My husband will appreciate that! LOL) Like I always say, a pic is worth a thousand words:


Even the fish were getting in on the act:


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