That’s right! We open on Thursday. As the new manager, and I mean that quite literally, I am hamstringn’ stressed!  LOL.

Working for two years at Archie’s Seafood Restaurant on Commissioners Rd. opened my eyes to the restaurant industry. And, I believe, I was taught by the best! I never did envision myself working in a restaurant of any type but I needed the job and it wasn’t as a waitress. (Before you jump on the band wagon I think waitresses have a very stressful job and HATS OFF! to the good ones.) Waitressing reminded me too much of being a mom…..been there, got the T-shirt.  *a little side note – I do recommend the food at Archie’s. It’s quite yummy. LOL! They have the best garlic bread with cheese I’ve had in a very long time. If you get nothing else there try that!

So I worked take-out first. Friday nights were always crazy. Then I learned about how a kitchen runs and how to organize myself so nobody walked out the door with the wrong order. Doesn’t sound hard,right? Guess again. Then I started cooking on the buffet, flipping omlets, cooking pancakes, french toast and waffles, sometimes eggs, etc. After that I started working front of house, seating people, clearing tables, running food for buffet. Anything that needed to be done. And all the while learning about managing employees, scheduling etc from my good friend. (also my manager….see? Goes to show. When you are looking for a job, sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know…cliche but so true.) So…what’s the point? I LOVED IT! Who knew? I have always been a bit of a foodie.

This is my favorite part: I wanted more hours so I started working at Sandcastle in Port Bruce! Became Ass. Man.  Teehee….. I love saying that.  Marianne showed me a lot about how this Beach side restaurant works. Yah!  That’s right! I said it!  BEACH SIDE!!!!  What??  My dream job! I look out the windows and I see my lake! Yes…I will share. If I have too….GRIN.


Well, Marianne had a baby. Really cute little baby girl. I asked and was given the position of manager. WHAT? Yeah…me.  So….needless to say I have been busy setting up scheduling. Hours talking to suppliers and trying to place orders that give us all we need to open and not run out, BUT….also stay within budget. Checking with the Health Unit because everyone has to have a Food Management Safety Certificate. Trying to make sure I can keep track of waste, etc and portion control on the food. Lots of paper work but I figure once it’s set up I’m good to go. And I have to wave a big hello to my BFF, Chrissy. Her brains are good pickn’s. 

I’ll be back to share the adventure after we open.  Have fun till then.

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