My DH surprised me last Thursday. We took our daughter and her kitty to the Vet. This trip was much better than the last. Thank Goodness!! My daughter has two cats, Jack and Sam. They are kinda like grandsons to me. Such sweet little shitheads!

About a month ago we took Jack to the Vet to have his foot looked at…nothing too serious. I sat in the waiting area enjoying a book about dogs, wondering what was taking so long. My daughter sticks her head out the door and OMG! the look on her face said it all. Something horrible was happening. Jack had basically been having a heart attack right there on the Vet’s exam table. SHOCK! But I must say, talk about timing. If he had been at home he may have died. Today Jack is doing well… he has heart disease so every day is a bonus.

Sidetrack over….. After the Vet’s we dropped my DD (darling daughter) and her kitty, Sam off at their apartment. My DH never let on that there was a surprise brewing. I had no idea until he passed our turn. Hmmm….. “where are we going?” I ask. He just smiles and says, “You’ll see.”

So now I have this!!!!

We went to Staples on South Wonderland Rd.. It wasn’t until we headed to the laptops that I realized what was going on. While I did have to go hunting for an associate, once he was found he turned out to be knowledgeable and cute. That works!

I took my “LimeTop” home and excitedly turned it on. Windows 8.1, nice. Went through all the set-up. So far so good. Okay now to grab Google Chrome. Done. Installing… hmmmm….this picture doesn’t look right. What the heck? That’s when all hell broke loose. Somewhere between checking out the copious amounts of software “trials” already installed on my machine and installing Chrome malware had invaded!

At this point I would just like to point out that McAfee comes with this machine…installed and all ready to go. WAY TO GO MCAFEE!!! Great protection! I knew I should have grabbed that copy of Norton while it was on sale.

Now what the heck do I do? A couple years ago I got the bright idea that a good quality tablet and keyboard would be the perfect replacement for my old laptop. This worked out really nicely for about a year and a half, then the hardware started breaking down. It wasn’t built to take it! I really had no idea what was currently happening with Windows malware issues. Off to the Norton website to see what they suggest. THANK YOU Norton my old pal. You have been with me since Windows began. Yes…I am that old…LOL. Norton Power Eraser. Yes to me it’s a sentence. My old friend forgave me and bestowed upon me a tool to erase my sins…and for FREE!. Well…..for a short time. It’s a trial but fully functional.

Closing thoughts: I love my Acer Aspire E-411 just as I loved it’s predecessor Acer Aspire bought seven years ago. I do not however enjoy all the junk software that every company loads onto our devices. As for McAfee… well you certainly haven’t changed. It’s my opinion that you are still in business because you are a shark!

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