I can’t believe it’s been seven days since my last post.  Does anyone else suffer from “February Blues”? I think I’m having a crafting slump. I put aside the neck warmer because I’m not sure that I’m totally happy with it so far.  Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve frogged.  LOL!!

Then I started on a summer tank and cardigan set. Yah right! It’s crocheted V stitch.  Working along and quickly, enjoying the feel and the look of it when I realize I’ve been working on the wrong size…..DUH!  Okay…frogged again.

I between frogging around I’ve been helping my friend set up her blog. It’s a new work in progress but it’s going to be great! She’s designs and and enjoys many crafts……. esp crochet, knitting, and beading.  Check her out and keep checking back.  We have some combined projects in the works that we think you’ll enjoy!

I think part of the “Blues” is this warm weather we’ve been having….the normal February thaw. I keep dreaming about kayaking and birding. I’ve read every article on Paddling.net.  I love this site! I enter their Sweepstake every day. You never know, I could win a new kayak! Dream on! LOL

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