I guess I’ve been a little busy. Last week, on my birthday, I had the pleasure of hanging with Apollo:




The above is sooo B.O.Y. LOL!!!

We really enjoyed our vist! It was odd not having his toddler brother Atticus busting in on us laughing or screamig. I do know Apollo enjoyed the break. And I bet Atticus enjoyed his time with Mommy. BTW……HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY ATTICUS!!!! He’s getting old..

Here he is a year ago:


As for the restaurant….WOW. It’s been kinda crazy there with the heat and people’s vactions, illnesses and a death in someone’s family. Managing isn’t easy and it’s taken some learning by trial and error.

Let’s see what have I learned so far?

1) when you are about to leave and feel like you have forgotten something….you have! Stay till you figure it out.

2) when something is blarringly obvious to you NEVER assume it is to others! Sometimes we forget that simple details aren’t always so simple to others. Example: when doing dishes always wash the greasy bins last.

3) be doggedly persistant! Always check that the jobs are done with your own eyes. Don’t let your guard down for a minute. If you do an avalanche will ensue. No exaggeration. LOL

4) when creating a staff schedule insist that planned absences are given to you in writing, two weeks ahead of time. No exceptions. When you give someone a break because secretly you’d love to take time off of work to do “that” STOP! DON’T DO IT! It will always bite you in the ass. That old saying “no good deed goes unpunished” is TRUE!

…..and finally….
5) you will NEVER be done punching fries! I don’t care which staff member it is….nope..not enough….punch another bag!

There have been many mistakes and revamps of how to keep things running smoothly. Some were kinda funny…after the fact. Some were very eye opening. And I’m sure there are more to come.

C’ya next time.

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