The holidays have been weird (full moon style). Is it just me? I mean the stores were pretty empty…..both stock and people. So a strange line of questions start to fill my mind. How could the shelves be empty if there were very few people to buy the stock?? Huh? Huh? And, why were people so jovial? I mean in Winners I spoke with a European Woman (beautiful accent…just hard to understand) about grandson’s, both mine and hers. In the men’s pants section, an employee was jolly and talking to herself and was kind enough to invite me to join the conversation. She was so funny and friendly. Okay……more clues….hmmmmm.

So’s I gots ta thinkn’…….did some strange alien force come down and body snatch? Some strange race bent on World Peace? (could we be that lucky??) So the holidays went on. I think maybe I was affected. It’s the only way I can explain my odd experiences in present crafting this season. Everything…. each project I worked on for a gift failed in some way. The beautiful sparkley snowflakes I was crocheting were wonderful but I could only make five. I ran out of the thread and of course the stores were out of it. Okay, at least I had five, each one unique. So I moved on. I won’t go through all of the flobs…just the last one. The one that tops it all to me.

Christmas eve, I’m sitting at my kitchen table pouring pots of lip balm and body butter. I’m hopful…that’s the key! LOL I felt confidant that this would not let me down. My faithful creams and potions had never failed me before. Hmmmm…another clue. Nothing turned out…..but of course I didn’t realize it until Christmas morning when I was putting¬† a 25 lb turkey in the oven. So my daughter Megan save’s the day for me. “We can go to my place and make cookies!!” AWESOME… Well I’m happy to say that the nice little photo boxes (that were meant for the crafts I was making) were packed with marsbar bars and peanut butter cookies fresh out of the oven. Wrapped nicely with a homemade snowflake in each box. Perfect!

Later that day we arrive at Sue and Tony’s (my husband’s sister and her husband). The house was beautiful! Sue and Tony bought this house, two blocks away from us, and did a lot of work. Sue did a beautiful job of decorating! And the tree and fireplace was perfect. We really enjoyed ourselves. Sitting around, each person opening a present, watching my in-laws was pretty cool. Homemade presents and thoughtfully purchased gifts were being opened. Love being exchanged. Okay….so I’m getting a little sappy, but this year was great. My Mother-in-law wrote me a beautiful poem about my love for kayaking. She captured it with her words. Amazing! My sister-in-law Beccy compiled binders with the Family’s genealogy. Pictures, documents, trees……it was excellent!

Okay…enough about that. This is my first post! There are no pics yet because I didn’t take any. Crafts failed are best forgotten. But! I will be posting pics of future projects. This will be fun!

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