Well the smart ass statement “don’t burn your bridges…” is possibly a lie! The call I received from a previous employer turned out to be another slap in the face! I’m beginning to think companies are no different than people…maybe they are a one celled organism…hmm…..

The call I received was actually from a new “HR” person that I hadn’t met because he was hired not very long ago. During that call I was led to believe that I was hired….start Friday at 5 pm but you have an interview first on Tuesday morning. Shame on me…..I wasn’t prepared to answer “fluffy” questions that to be honest really couldn’t have revealed weather a person is a good employee or not. In fact I found them to be a little too personal for a job interview. Never the less I should have been ready for anything.

I did have a feeling as soon as I sat down that something wasn’t right. Quick look over the resume…no questions asked about previous employment/duties, work environment, etc. The young woman that was leading the interview really wasn’t into it. So…when we were done I asked the question, “Do I start Friday?” “Oh, well….we have had other interviews.” she replies. “We will call by the end of the day.” That was yesterday. SLAP! Seriously…that was just rude and uncalled for. I don’t know what happened but I can tell you I am not very happy. I didn’t call them…they called me. I’m sure there is more to it than what I know but if you want to play politics or whatever the reason play with someone else. Actually…don’t PLAY at all. Treat people fairly and respectfully. After all….there may be more people looking for work than there are jobs….but they are people. Possible business as well. Don’t forget…you too are the face of your business.

This was an experience that I won’t soon forget. Lesson learned.

So here I sit arguing with my Depression. Smacking myself for my lack of foresight. Now what do I do? Keep applying places and wait in terror for my next interview. Win the lottery? HA! Okay…maybe not that last part…but I can dream. I’ve been dealing with my depression for over 30 years and still have a hard time seeing past it. I’m constantly wondering “Am I being too sensitive?”, “Am I good enough?” “What the f*&% is the point?” Is this a “normal” way to feel/act? I don’t know. Do you?

It must be normal to feel bitter. Sometimes it seems like you work your butt off, take chances to improve yourself and your life but still it isn’t enough. Is it just a big lesson? When’s the exam? To be honest I’d like to write it and move on to the next lesson. I hope that it’s about something far more fun and interesting. Do I wish I was kayaking? HELL YES!

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