BECAUSE one day you will be unemployed and may need to go back! LOL!! I may be fortunate enough to have another job. One of my previous employers heard I was looking for a job and said …..(stroke my ego)… “She’s AWESOME!” Crossing my fingers as to what this will mean but it’s a good start.

I left there because times were getting skinny and they had to cut back hours. I lucked into my dream job at Sandcastle, gave my notice and started my adventure as a new manager. (Well…honestly there was a little more to it….but that obstacle is gone) Again…what’s my point? I actually have one this time. If you do your job, whatever it may be, to the best of your ability you will leave a lasting impression. It’s really not rocket science. During my time as a manager I learned that this lesson is not one that all people are capable of mastering. Enough said!

So….my fiddly, nervous fingers needed something to do! I went back to making my daughter one of these:
It’s a cellphone cozy. I created the prototype myself. So after carefully checking out my daughter’s cell I started a beautiful blue one using Bamboo. Soft!!! But I have ripped it out three times now. ARGH! Don’t you hate those weird type blocks?

Change of scenery so to speak…. thought I could use up the little ball of angora and the little ball of baby alpaca. But what to make with this orgasmic fibre? I have so little…enter THE ROSE:
20140131_215321 (1)
I can’t wait to put it together….maybe.

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