What a lovely cold winter day! Seriously, NO sarcasm here! LOL I’ve been replenishing my dish cloth supply. I tend to give them away as fast as I make them. Do you find that a full size, hand made dishcloth is just too big and bulky? Here is a very simple pattern for a dish cloth that you can rinse out and hang over your tap.

Cute dishcloth

Sweet little dishcloth.

I believe this is a vintage pattern. It’s hard to tell the size but it’s about the spread of my hand, four or five inches. I used kitchen cotton and a 5.5mm hook.

Chain 13 or whatever size fits over your tap. Close the circle with a slip stitch into the first chain crocheted.

Chain one and single crochet 30 stitches. More or less depending on your tension and length of chain. Slip stitch into chain one.

Row 1: 3 sc, 3 sc into next stitch, 3 sc. ch1, turn.
Row 2: 4 sc, 3 sc into next stitch, 4 sc, ch 1, turn.
Row 3: 5 sc, 3 sc into next stitch, 5 sc, ch 1, turn.
Row 4: 6 sc, 3 sc into next stitch, 5 sc, ch 1, turn.

Continue this pattern until 21 stitches.

Some people like to crochet a little edging, (I used a picot edging on the dishclothes I made for my friend.) For my own clothes I don’t . I hope you love these little babies as much as I do.

So…..on to the pitas. This was my first attempt. I had a feeling it would take a few tries to achieve the BUBBLE! I hope to nail it next time. So…what did I learn? LOL!!

I learned this:

Use a food processor. (I don’t have one yet but will shortly…lol. Very labor intensive)
Don’t put in too much water.
Roll out thinly.
Don’t make them too big!
Make sure your oven is HOT!!!! 500 degree F hot! and your stone or cookie sheet is HOT.

Bottom line: I will continue to do this over until I get it right. Mine may not have “bubbled” properly but they were DELICIOUS!! I plan on freezing a bunch to use over the summer at the trailer.

So google a recipe and have some fun!! Please share your tips or failures and we can learn together.

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