It really has been quite some time since I’ve posted.  Life has been kinda difficult lately.  But that’s a story I don’t know if I’m sharing yet or to quote my big bro, Steve, “Who really f@!%#ing cares!”.  LOL!!!

Bettie Page died.  I’m sure everyone knows the famous Bettie, pin-up girl of the 20th century.  She was an icon.  Goodbye Bettie and thanks for starting the sexual revolution.  You will be missed but never forgotten.

So.. what have I been up to.  We’ve moved from our townhouse of 12 years to a two story, two bedroom apartment.  The kids have moved out so we downgraded.  It’s not in the greatest area of town but it’s not bad either.  We like the apartment yet it has it’s negatives.  Mainly the stairs!  It’s in a really old house so up to the second floor, open the door and you are in a really big kitchen.  It needs some work but it has potential.  Then, around the corner, and up ANOTHER flight of stairs.  But…. the master bedroom fits our king size bed (Thank you Nanny!) with pleanty of nooks and cranies to spare.  I almost set up my work area in this room but the big desk that I was gifted on FreeCycle wouldn’t fit.

There is a little room opposite ours that is perfect for our grandson, Apollo.  He loves his room!  Eventually we want to put at least a single bed in there for whoever may come and stay.The main feature that I fell in love with is the living room.  It’s HUGE!  Nice bank of windows overlooking the rooftops.  I can sit and watch the birds and squirrels.  In fact we have a cheeky squirrel that likes to peek in the windows.  There is a nice sized alcove that Chris has turned into his “shop”.  In the other corner I have set up that big computer desk as my workstation.  It’s really an awsome space to work.  Pictures will follow……(I just have to find the cords to hook up the gell cell battery to it)

Over the summer, heading out with my kayak, I wanted to get a shot of a Snowy Egret that was hanging around. Well, I was in a hurry, standing on the bank of the little river, didn’t put the strap around my neck, and guess what?  I DROPPED my camera.  As it fell and broke, my heart also broke.  I love that camera.  The sad part is, to fix it will cost almost as much as replacing it.  And right now, I can’t afford either.  So I’m making do with the trusty old HP digital that we bought seven years ago.

I’ll return soon and fill you in on the projects I’ve been working on.  There’s a few!  GRIN

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