I’m no longer counting days of unemployment. Way too discouraging. It’s a full time job finding a job. “How can this much effort net little return??” Turn on the T.V. or read the news. You’ll find there is somewhere in the neighbourhood of ONE MILLION people unemployed in Ontario RIGHT NOW! It’s scary to think about the whole picture. Of course those statistics don’t include the Homeless population. Did you know that our statistics for unemployment do not include the homeless? Makes me shiver just thinking about it….

Actually… this makes my problems seem just a little bit more manageable. So….out of sheer desperation/stupidity I will endeavor to utilize my B.L.O.G.! (Which if I was honest I really should have thought of this a month ago.) Oh well…onward bound. LOL!

I’m fairly sure that I’m my only reader…so I will be using my blog as a hub for job hunting in Ontario. Specifically London. Check my progress…..new static pages will be posted with links to job search boards and resources. Possibly a page to help you keep track of where your efforts are being focused and how to keep tabs on your progress.

In the immortal words of a song from the 80’s by a person I don’t remember, “Hang on…help is on it’s way” Music running through my head……

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