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I love this cozy! While playing with my camera one day I knocked over my larger lens. My heart stopped beating! Thankfully it was fine … no damage done. I really needed something to protect my glass but my budget wouldn’t allow it. Then it hit me like a ball of alpaca. I had half a yard of a beautiful owl print cotton just waiting for a project! I dug a little further and came up with some quilt batting left over from another project. Now my next issue was: How to create my cozy?
Simple Padded Lens Cozy

Simple Padded Lens Cozy

Create a Pattern
Normally, I would grab my tape measure BUT it was not to be found. Mom used to say necessity is the mother of all invention. True! Using a piece of printer paper I carefully rolled my lens, added seam allowances and started my cut. I marked the length, taking into account needed seam allowances and two inches (give or take) so the top of the lens was somewhat covered. Using the paper template cut 1 each from the outer material and lining material and 2 of quilt batting.

Luckily I was able to find my compass! Using a compass, measure from the center of the lens to the edge and then add seam allowance. Simply draw your circle to make another template and cut out one each of the outer material and lining material and 2 of quilt batting.

Construct the Cozy
1) We want to create our top seam. With right sides facing pin and sew the outer material and the lining along the long or top edge.

2) Lay the material out and press the seam flat. Pin the two pieces of quilt batting along the bottom edge of the outer material.

3) At this point DO NOT FOLD the fabric down but end to end with right sides facing. Pin and sew.

4) Now fold the lining material down over the quilt batting and outer material, wrong sides facing. The lining should be on the outside at this point.

5) Using the lining material, wrong side up, lay the two quilt batting pieces and the outer material, right side up, pin on the lining. Baste all four layers together.

6) This is the fiddly part. The outer material should be on the inside of the “tube”. Pin the bottom piece to the bottom of the tube so that the outer material is right side to the right side of the outer material of the tube. Carefully sew around.

7) Pull the cozy right side out and sew around the top a 1/2″ from the edge.

8) Using a seam ripper, carefully open the stitches between the top seam and the line of stitching on the side of the cozy. This has now opened the top channel so that we may run our ribbon through.

9) Using a paperclip, or whatever blunt tool you choose, thread a 12″ piece of ribbon through the channel and single knot the ribbon so that the cozy can be cinched closed. You can dress up the ribbon with beads or whatever you have on hand… or nothing at all.

There you have it! A nice padded cozy to help keep your glass safe.
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