Again another life change. I knew it was too perfect to last! The perfect job, Managing a restaurant six months of the year which required me to live at my trailer…on the lake. It was heaven!

So now I’m on the hunt for another job. It wasn’t my fault…I’m actually proud of the job I did. It is just a business decision that my employer had to make. No Sandcastle. Closed!

I am thankful for all the skills and experience I gained during my time at Sandcastle. Managing a staff of young people was quite an eye opener! But I did it…and had great staff as a result. Learning to let someone go was so hard but had to be done.

But now what? We have all been there…. how much of a change will we have to make? Kinda scary…thoughts like “there’s lots of jobs posted but Kellogg’s closed and everyone needs work….” go racing through my head. And I will miss jumping in the lake for a swim after work….and kayaking after work…etc…etc….

Finding a job….ohhh man. Sends a chill down my spine just typing those words. It really isn’t what you know but who ya know. I know…cliche but true! Or dumb luck…..and a lot of work and waiting…and waiting…. Have I depressed you enough? What’s my point? I don’t know…’s Day One of unemployment and a lot will change. Will my addiction to the lake kill me? Probly not….

Back soon to share some more manic ramblings of the unemployed but before I go check out my latest creation. A neck warmer made of Baby Alpaca and a little Angora. I call it Scottish Thistle…. reminded me of kayaking up the river in spring.
Let me know if you’re interested and I will share my pattern. It’s super simple…but the wool…ahhhhh

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