It’s been a little while since I last posted. Shame on ME! Sometimes you get caught up in life and forget the fun things.

I find it amazing how life can slap you in the face and open your eyes to strange truths. Never in my life did I think I would ever be sitting on one side of the glass talking over a beaten up phone receiver to my son in jail . SLAP! It’s a long story but suffice to say that he’s somewhat a victim but his own actions got him there. A kid with no previous record and run-ins with the law. Not to say that he is perfect….oh man….that’s another story but he’s a good kid. Depending on who you talk to. LOL! I hope this experience teaches him a few lessons.

So needless to say that has caused a little stress. I mean…. who and how do you tell people about this? My parents are gone. My in-laws (my son’s STEP-grandparents) have never really taken any interest in the kids. Unless of course you count always having something to say when things go wrong. Okay…maybe that’s not fair. I’m just a little angry. And now we get to the crux of it. I’m sure in their own way they care but I can’t believe the statements made to my husband as he sits in the middle, able to see both sides. “You should make her…….!” “You should make her make him…….!” You can see where I’m coming from. Maybe emotions talking without thinking…..but really come on! How can one spouse MAKE the other person do anything. We are partners in life and love. We talk, make suggestions, fight, make up and then decide on a plan. That’s how it is….not a dictatorship. I do love my in-laws but sometimes I don’t understand them.

So….I thank God for knitting!! GRIN. I’ve been working on a lap afghan for my Mother-in-law’s birthday. I should have known I was doomed. HA HA HA. I found the pattern while I was out surfing around looking at people’s blogs. This woman’s work in amazing!! She took this old pattern, the Hemlock Ring doily, and turned it into an awesome Hemlock Ring Blanket.

I started out using a beautiful dark blue, Norwegian style 100% wool. I graphed out the pattern after frogging it four times. Continued to do it again. And again. And again! It’s not that the pattern is hard but that it’s hard to keep count. The wool started looked worse and worse each time I frogged it and started over. I didn’t like that! So I hunted through my stash and found some wicked sock wool. The colors are amazing but I don’t remember what the wool is. The labels are long gone. I’ve been doing well. Yes…I’ve had to frog and redo some rows but it’s getting there. A tip if you decide to make this pattern: This pattern repeats eight times, Exactly! If you have one too few or a few too many GO BACK. Don’t go forward or you will live to regret it! When I finish this piece I will post pics.

So with any luck maybe it will be a mother’s day present.

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