I can’t believe it’s been so long. Since my last post we have moved, my husband has finally been scheduled for his hip replacement surgery (with both knees later to come) and my employment has changed.

The move was an AWESOME decision! We love our apartment! As I’m typing this I can look up and see the tops of the trees beginning to change color. The view is perfect…and we are literally beside the Thames River and all the trails. The balcony, which we call the deck or out front, is our chill zone. We put up our “Pot Heads”, the kayak lights, the cardinals etc., everything we had at the trailer is up and functioning. The muskoka chairs are perfect to relax in. And…the west facing view from the eighth floor is pretty. So…that was a good life choice. (Also underground parking and an elevator…just saying.)

The View

The view from our balcony on an overcast fall day.

My DH is nervously awaiting his hip surgery. His recovery was the main reason we moved…but we are so glad we did. He knows that after his recovery he will be in so much less pain. He’s only 52 (in a few days) but we aren’t exactly small people. We are working at this…but that’s a whole other topic. So loosing the weight will help but it’s osteoarthritis so it’s not the end of it. We’ll just keep plugging along. After he’s been rebuilt I think life will even out.

I am no longer working for the market research company. Nuff said! There are other ways to earn an income at home. I think cold calling isn’t the way. I’ve been working several angles that once I figure out the bugs I’ll share them with you.

So now APPLE PIE! Don’t you love cooking the holiday meals. I know it’s a lot of planning and work but it’s worth the memories. Each time I roll pastry I’m reminded of my Mom and Dad. Mom had to make it perfect in every detail and Dad just plunked, rolled and created. It used to drive Mom nuts..LOL. Dad kept saying, “Quit over handling it.” and Mom would just sigh. LOL. Dad’s pastry was always flaky. He was right.. DON’T OVER HANDLE IT! The purpose of those little bits of cold fat is to melt and create air pockets. Air pockets = flaky pastry. If you handle it too much you warm up those bits and incorporate them into the flower. THUS you have hard NOT FLAKY pastry.

So how do you create a pie shell when the dough keeps falling apart? Easy… just gently patch it together. Put a little water on your finger and ever so gently tap it down. It all works. I don’t know how pastry chefs do it but this is how I do it. Hint: if you want a fancy, pretty top crust make sure you give yourself extra to roll out. That way you should always be able to get one whole piece from the middle. Not professional but it does the job.

Old Fashioned Apple Pie

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