It’s a beautiful Saturday. My DH and I both have the day off…and what are we doing? Finishing what has been the long hard job of finding places for and putting away the last of our trailer possessions. We’ve decided that after 12 seasons in Port Bruce it’s time to throw in the towel. Financially we want to earn more money and save more money…who doesn’t? Pair that with the fact that our end of the park is slowly becoming the “drunk tank” and you have a decision. ENOUGH. I can still kayak….but in different places. Instead of the trailer rooted to one spot we can get our tenting gear back out and explore a little. You get the idea. I will really miss our trailer…so many amazing memories. That’s life.

Speaking of life, my job has been interesting. It’s close to what I’m looking for but just not quite. Yes I work from home but I have to be logged in at a specific time. During my shift I speak to people who probably regret answering the phone. LOL! It’s interesting to say the least. Being a phone research interviewer seems to equate me with those aggressive, rude telemarketers who want your money. Some people are a little irate but thankfully most people treat me as I treat them. Even if you aren’t interested there is no need to be nasty. I’m just doing a job which helps pay my bills.

Short Rant: When you disrespect others you disrespect yourself. FACT! Some people think it’s funny to be rude to “telemarketers”. And even more disturbing, TEACH their children do be rude as well! Come on people! This is not acceptable in any circumstance. Rant over….

Back to my J.O.B. situation. There are so many ways to earn money on the net but how to REALLY do it? What is scam and what is real? SO many times I’ve followed a link only to find that it’s yet another scam. Below are some excellent Pins which I want to share with you. Just use your common sense. Does it seem realistic? The pins I’m sharing have been thoughtfully created by bloggers who are doing exactly what I want to be doing. Thanks for sharing.

Follow Lynn’s board money on Pinterest.

My conclusion: Do it all! Baby step along and keep track of everything. Each day accomplish tasks and just keep going. Be creative, work consistently and try to have fun. This is what I’ve learned. And this is what I’m going to work toward.

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