I’ve been thinking about mobius knitting lately. It’s just so cool! Well I decided to give it a try…..again. So off to www.youtube.com I go. And who else would I look up but Cat Bordhi:

I must admit, I’ve tried to knit this several times. The cast on really isn’t that hard once you throw away some old school thinking. But once you’ve cast on, what’s the trick? Well my crazy friend, MidnightPassion, helped me out. Four simple words and I could suddenly see it! Knit into the triangles. Just that simple, and it really is. I was finally able to cast on AND knit.


Do you see it? The “twist”? I really am knitting the top and bottom stitches of the piece. Amazing. This could become very addictive. It’s almost like meditating while knitting. And then thoughts tend to drift around…… to soapmaking.

I’ve been rethinking my snobbish ideas about using kitchen grease for making soap. Okay… now your thinking, “YUK! Certainly you don’t think I’d use that on my skin.” And you’d be right!

However, lately I’ve been a little cash strapped, as many of us are these days. Always looking for ways to create or recycle as much as possible. A penny saved really is a penny earned! My MidnightPassion sent me this interesting blog to look at. I have been making homemade cleaners and laundry soap. They work great and save a few bucks. The blog, Little House in the Suburbs is an excellent blog. Make sure you take a good look around. Well worth your time.

Being raised by parents who grew up during the Great Depression of the 30’s I’ve learned to WASTE NOT! Every time I drain grease from my hamburger or bacon it always goes into a tomato sauce jar and I put it in the fridge. The birds enjoy it. When it’s full I usually mix it with birdseed and put it out for them to dine on. Lately I just can’t justify the cost of the birdseed so what do I do with the jar of grease? You see where I’m going with this train of thought…… my next batch of soap will be with kitchen grease. Let’s see if it really is that terrible.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

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