My sweet hubby has refashioned one of my Dad’s old flour sifters into an amazing light:


So much cozier than that damn industrial, fluorescent light on the ceiling! We put a lot of thought into what type of light we wanted over the sink. It had to go with the look we were trying to achieve. It also had to go with or at least not kill the look of, the blue light above the table. (See previous post).

I was so excited when I thought of my Dad’s old flour sifter (Yes I use it often but I do have another one.)

I love the way it looks with the curtains:


And even better I think of my parents when I’m doing dishes…. the thoughts aren’t always kind, but they are humorous memories. LOL

To attach it to the wall my hubby came up with a brilliant idea:


It’s just metal strapping! I think it gives it “character” and it works.

I’ll be back! (I know….I stole the line…)

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