Hello all! We are at the trailer so I couldn’t resist slipping down to the lake with my cammie.

As I walked up the path to the beach I spotted eight or ten Turkey Vultures perched on various posts. A few looked at me very discreetly to see what I was up to. I slowly moved closer, hoping to get some good pics but really I should have been using the 40-150mm lens. Next time.

I was standing there, totally oblivious to my surroundings, the sound of waves lulling me into a false sense of solitude when suddenly I hear, “Good for you! Get right up there!”. Totally shattered my bubble, but I smiled and tipped a wave. Of course at this point many of the Vultures moved on so I drifted off myself. The waves grabbed my attention. A short while later I see this little man with the big voice standing exactly where I had been, happily snapping away. LOL!! I hope you enjoy these pics.

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