My hubby and I decided it was time for a road trip one Sunday. He’s been working a lot of hours and we’ve been pretty stressed about finances. So, to heck with the gas, sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself a little.

We struck out driving south, out of the city, towards Lake Erie. The day was overcast but for the middle of winter in Ontario it was a nice day. Once out of the city we just started picking roads at random as long as they went the direction we wanted to go. And it was down one of these roads that I saw a hawk the size of a toddler sitting in a smaller, bare tree. By the time I realized what I had seen, and we back the car up, it was gone. But it was flying away.

We stopped in a little town, Copenhagen, just north of Port Bruce at the Wood Connection. I love this place!

Out front you can see many of his outdoor pieces. My favorite is the window frame planters:


So on we go down into Port Bruce. I love the feeling I get when we go down that hill…almost like the real world has to stay at the top. We drove around town, took maybe a minute LOL! At the pier we saw some really large pieces of ice out on the lake and the ice hills at the shore were getting pretty huge…. here’s a pic of some kids playing on them:


So we drove around town again and headed north, back to the city. On the way through Aylmer we decided to drop in our friend Cheryl at the Hockey Arena. Her son had a hockey game and hopefully we were in time to watch. We parked beside her….. you never miss Cheryl’s van:


Those are stainless steel balls from her friends in Texas. And when she flies down the road they swing pretty well. LOL! We missed most of the hockey game. DAMN but what we saw was good!

So after going for coffee we head home. During this trip I was going to make a pair of slippers to put on after showering. Yah right! I was too busy enjoying the drive.

These slippers did turn out great!:


I really wanted something I could wear right out of the shower that would keep my feet warm and clean until I could get the moisturizer on them. These work perfectly. In fact I ended up making two pairs using a free pattern from Knitting on the Net.

Because I wanted something to put on right out of the shower I decided to make them out of kitchen cotton on size US 10.5 knitting needles. They are nice and soft and very cozy.

That’s all for tonight. C’ya soon!

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