Have you ever had something so heavy on your heart that you feel disconnected? Anxiety casting its warm alpaca blanket over your shoulders and swallowing you whole? That’s been my head space the last few days. I know I’m doing the right thing but it’s hard. Parenting sucks! Sorry all you fresh faced, twinkling eyed youngsters who have your babes safe in your arms. Kids grow up and become adults. Enough said….seriously, I really don’t want to scare you.

I find rainy days and a heavy heart are oddly “sympatico”. Puttering around, tidying up you can’t help but chew and fret. Moving on. Must try something else. AHHH….. socks! I have a beautiful little ball of wool that will knit up two socks. It’s been some time since I’ve knit socks. That is TWO AT A TIME, MAGIC LOOP, TOE UP SOCKS. My “Arch” Enemy. Yes…pun intended. Deal with it.

Years ago I bought a book by Mary Ann Beatty, “Crazy Toes and Heels by Queen Kahuna”. She self-published the most impressive, comprehensive book about making socks. She helped me turn my first heel…literally via an email discussion group.  Again, THANK YOU!  This book is my sock bible and I highly recommend it to any sock newbie because your first experience should be out of the box. You will learn the skills to totally design your own socks.

After Note: Sadly, I Googled around looking for Ms. Beatty. I can’t find her anywhere… SO if you happen to find a copy of her book it’ll be a good day. If you find her online please drop me a note.

Toes first: I love a technique from the book called the “Fan Toe”.

Notice the marker on the right has a silver bead but the one beside it has a dark blue bead? This silver bead marks the beginning of a round. Very helpful.

I had already knit and frogged out three other single toes before I remembered what I liked. That was when the MAGIC LOOP, TWO AT A TIME, TOE UP! challenge was accepted. (Yes…I talk to myself). This was also when I realized I couldn’t find my stitch markers. MY fabulous homemade markers. (yes…sarcasm is alive) What to do?

Thankfully I keep EVERYTHING crafty. I Grab my jewelry making cookie tin and look inside. YES! I have the tools. Okay so a little side tracked but it only took a few minutes to whip up eight stitch markers. One stitch marker is made by using an earring “dangle thing holder”, a few beads and a pair of needle nose pliers. Yes, they do catch a bit on wool but I will fix that later with a bit of solder.

No more excuses here we go. ARRGHHH!!  My toes have kitty cat ears! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! It’s happening again… and again. Well, what the heck? There is a heel to turn somewhere ahead and who wouldn’t want kitty cat ears on their toes?

This is as far as I’ve knit, almost to the start of the gusset. You may have already guessed….the point isn’t the socks. Every stitch I knit helps frog stitches from that Anxiety blanket. Every stitch I’ve ripped has been fraught with turmoil and doubt but then re-stitched with more and more confidence. Knitting, or whatever your passion, doesn’t allow you to hide from your worries. In fact the opposite is true. It takes you out of your head so that you can see a clear picture of the whole situation.  And hey? Who doesn’t need beautiful socks with kitty cat ears?

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