What a beautiful day. I must say I was pretty tempted to get out my kayak but alas I forgot to bring proper clothing for the adventure. So, I had to be satisfied with a walk about Port Bruce with my camera. And I was not disappointed.

Within a couple of minutes I spotted a black squirrel all hunkered down playing that “if you don’t see me, I’m not really here” game. I love watching these cute little creatures!


Walking along the river I can’t begin to describe my longing to be paddling but it’s too cold for what I’m wearing. A little ways along the river I catch sight of some Canadian Geese enjoying the day…..with duckballs? A pair of Mallards …..well a picture is worth a thousand words:


These two ducks stayed in that position and didn’t move the whole time I was standing there watching.

Moving on….. I walked down around the bend, along the river, amazed at the huge, thick chunks of ice. A few weeks ago the lower parts of Port Bruce along the river had flooded and taken out docks, decks and anything else in it’s way. It was a hell of a mess. But today, in the spring sunshine everything looked almost normal.

So I wandered along, enjoying seeing the Canadian Geese playing in the river, thinking about paddling. (Do you think I’m obsessed?) During the other seasons I can quite often be found paddling the river and lake with my binoculars and trusty camera. I’ve found a lot of treasures and a lot peace in this water. Oh well…it’s almost time.

At the pier I was looking out over the ice and debris when I spied a couple of Canadian Geese goofing around in a junk-free spot near the mouth of the river. Suddenly I realized that they weren’t alone. Now, being that my glasses are MIA I have to rely on my camera to show me the picture clearly. It took me a few minutes to realize those weren’t gulls or plovers, there were BUFFLEHEAD DUCKS in them there waters!! Hurray!! Bufflehead ducks are one of scarcest breeds to find these days. Their numbers are dwindling sadly. But here were three of them! I have to share these photos:


Buffleheads never seem to stop moving for long. They boogie every time they move and dive so quickly! They are hilarious to watch.


Did you know that these little guys are the only tree-nesting ducks small enough to actually use the nest holes of Flickers? In fact they nest almost exclusively in holes excavated by Common Flickers. These romantic looking ducks are almost monogamous, staying with the same mate for several years.


Hunters call these ducks “butterballs” or “puffballs”. My thought there is “Hunters?” These ducks are so small and their flesh is said to have a very strong flavor why would anyone hunt them? They must be some pretty hungry hunters.


Last year, about this same time, I saw two Buffleheads (of course I didn’t have my camera with me then) and I mistook them for Hooded Mergansers. Now I know! And now I know that Port Bruce must be a stop on their migration path because by the beginning of April they will be gone again until next year. And I will be anxiously awaiting them…..or could you tell? GRIN


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