I’ve decided to experiment with growing sweet potatoes on my balcony. I may be crazy but I will either grow food or have a pretty plant.

I have a habit of keeping my sweet potatoes on top of the gallon jars I store my beans and pasta in. As you can imagine sometimes one gets away.

You can imagine my surprise when I found a vine peaking it’s way above the jars. I didn’t take a shot of it. I think I was disappointed about wasting a sweet potato until I picked it up and realize it was seriously growing roots AND a vine. I never would have guessed that it could grow… I mean my kitchen isn’t that dirty.

Not sure what to with the potato I stuck it in a vase of water until I could decide. One week later she had flourished so I decided to try an experiment.

I live in an apartment on the 8th floor but I face west. Lots of hot sunshine beams down my balcony. Perfect for sweet potato…..I think.

As you can see I need more soil but sadly will that have to wait a few days. I’m hoping that, like a potato, I can add the soil up the stem and all will be well. They will like it much better to have the sun actually beating down on their beds but we will see.

Stay tuned for updates on my sweet potatoes…… Here’s hoping they grow.

Until next time friends…

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