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Yesterday I recorded uLog#27 on anchor.fm but didn’t write a Steem post. Wasn’t feeling well and brain farted so today you get to listen to two if feel so inclined. uLog#27 is about our adventure on the Curation Corner show when a guest doesn’t show up and someone entices a surprise guest onto the show. It was awesome! It’s short…enjoy it.

uLog#28 – Surpise is the Spice of Life

Today, uLog#28 is a little different. I realized while I was drinking my tea and reading through a few news sites that my thoughts might be interesting to others. Who knows? LOL! You may not agree with what you hear but that’s okay. Leave a comment if you have something to add. Be nice now! But have a listen.

Today’s topics are:

Chapman’s Ice Cream, an Ontario business, just can’t seem to fill all their general labour jobs.

An uproar over the Netflicks series, “Insatiable”, calls “it fat shaming” and unrealistic.

August is National Overdose Awareness month.

A funny/irritating story about a young Ontario driver.

uLog #28 – Thoughts on Today’s Headlines in S.W.O.


uLog #28 – Thoughts on Today’s Headlines in S.W.O.on Choon

Until next time friends…

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