Hey everybody! Last night I went digging around, looking for a book of DVD’s that has all my OLD photos and videos. I FOUND IT!

I was hoping to find pictures of our CB Shop for a project I’m working on but they weren’t there. I did, however, stay up way too late watching videos and looking at pictures from a decade ago. Sigh. Where did that decade go? Anyway, I found about 10 photos that brought back vivid memories so I decided I’ll share them with you.

This first photo is from around 2006, maybe.

BUFFLEHEADS!! This was the first time I had ever seen Bufflehead ducks. It was mid to late March when I saw them in the canal down
in Port Bruce. It was the second year after we had bought our trailer at the lake so we would to drive down there, have a fire and walk around the tiny lakeside village in the winter. We loved it down there!

This particular visit was different. Our friends were getting married so we camped for the weekend. It was so cool having a fire during a small blizzard….but that’s another story. I went out for a walk with my camera while my hubby was napping and ended up at the pier. I knew migration season would be starting soon but I hadn’t realized that some waterfowl started quite early.

I spotted them from a distance, playing around in the water, diving like a common loon and reappearing who knew where. Luckily I had my trusty crack corn in my pocket. I like to carry some with me when I go out nature watching simply because many birds and animals enjoy it. If I’m very patient, drop some, back away and be very quiet I can sometimes get fairly close to my subject. These wonderful ducks where no different.

The Buffleheads made me happy! They were so small compared to mallards and their bright beautiful white heads would sometimes help them blend into their surroundings. And they really did seem to “wiggle” around in the water. After about an hour I almost skipped back to the trailer, grabbed my Peterson Guide and identified a new species for my Life List. I know some people don’t get it but I was so excited. My husband just smiled and laughed. He gets me!

I suppose I should wander off to bed. I did stay up way too late last night and then I had to get up for Knit Group. I hate missing my group as it always lifts my spirits laughing with the nuts there. Stayed tuned for my next “Treasure Shot”. I hope you find some nuts to laugh with today!

Until next time friends…

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