When I found out that a “Call to Arms” had been sent throughout @thealliance family I wasn’t really sure how to contribute, at first. I mean I knew I could write any post and donate the proceeds to @youareHOPE but I really wanted to focus on something to do with community. The funny thing is I was sitting in Carling Heights Optimist Community center while I was pondering this. LOL!! Finally, while walking down the hall towards the pool I started really looking around. “How could I have missed all this?”

A whiteboard for everyone to enjoy coloring!!

A community painted on the wall!!

The Community built Fairy Gardens!

All photos were taken by @artemisnorth

My husband and I are here once or twice a week yet I’ve not really noticed the small things that make it a family-focused community center.

A community member built pretty boxes to plant fairy gardens then engaged the Day Camp children to use their imaginations and plant the gardens. Adorable! There are several Rock stickers on the hall floor with fun things to do relating to the fairy gardens.

There are many floor stickers in both the main lobby, where many tables are set up to sit and play cards or whatever while you’re waiting for activities, and the hall to the pool. They are so fun! I can imagine bored little ones playing along. There’s even a sticker of a log and several activity stickers around it for playing games. It’s actually quite ingenious!

I can’t believe I haven’t thought about sharing this with the Steem Community before this point.

Even the stairs leading up to the pool viewing area have activities to occupy young minds!

The Carling Heights Optimist Community Center was originally built as the community center for the Canadian Forces Base locally known as “Wolseley Barracks”. The land was sold to the city at some point, possibly during the 80’s, but I learned that via word of mouth so I’m not sure. According to my “Army Bratt” friend, who grew up in a military family, the center hasn’t changed much over the years.

Off center photo but I realized I didn’t have any others…LOL!

The Carling Heights Community Center has most of the amenities you would ever need but my husband and I only use the pool. I am thinking about taking a Tai Chi class this winter, something I’ve always wanted to do.

If you are interested in the Community Center here’s their website. If you’d like to look a little further here’s a good site about the Carling Community and if you are interested in the history of the Canadian Forces Base this site is a good start.

So get out into your Community and start looking around! I bet you’ll be surprised what you find!

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