Every time I pull out my camera I’m hoping I’m seeing what the camera is seeing. Sometimes the shot captures what I see and sometimes it doesn’t. I find it hard using my cell phone, there’s no viewfinder but I was happy with today’s shots. This is my favorite:

I was standing outside Union Station in Toronto looking at the new, interestingly shaped building they are working on down the street when suddenly on my view screen was a shot I knew I wanted. I love the way this turned out!

If you look in the other direction you find the C.N. Tower:

At the base of the iconic C.N. Tower is what is now called the Roger’s Center but I remember when it was first built. My brother-in-law worked for C.N. and the site it was built on was where he worked, the Spadina Coach Yard. When the then called Skydome was built it was quite a revolutionary building with all it’s moving parts.

I’ve traveled into Union Station many times over the years and each time I walk into the Great Hall it’s like the first time. I’m always in awe of the grandness and details in every part of it. Let me show you what I mean:

This shot was taken out front, not even inside the building yet. The front of Union Station is impressive with it’s many huge Georgian pillars and the ceiling above intricately tiled. Look at the detail above the entrance:


Every time I walk into and around the Great Hall I notice some new detail. The ceiling catches my eye with the various shapes and textures:

I spent over 2 hours at Union Station today, my layover on my way to @shadowspub’s house. It was fun. A friend who works for VIA let me sit in the Business Lounge and it was so comfy!

I’m pretty much finished the newest sweater for my little granddaughter. I just have to sew the ends in. I’ll be starting a new project tomorrow while I’m at the hospital, maybe a shawl? We’ll see what I feel like.

I love that this is uLog #42 – not only is it the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything else, but it’s also greetings Trucker style, “42 Driver! 42!” Speaking of C.B. radio, I guess the next part of the Ham Radio series will be delayed while I’m at @shadowspub’s place. The A.R.R.L. handbook is just too heavy to lug around and all my notes are written in the margins. It’s coming…… I know, “And so is Christmas”. LOL!

Constance’s dress outfit is finished and delivered! I can’t wait to see her sweet little self in it! This was the first time I’d ever made a top-down garment, especially a dress.

My friend, Jackie and I have been working on designing my own original top-down, custom fit sweater so this dress was good practice. I love how it turned out.

The last piece of the puzzle so to speak is finding a good sale on acrylic dk weight yarn that is a nice bright lime green. I’m holding out on the colour…I suppose I would swap it for a neon orange or red, something really bright.

So, thanks for reading this far… LOL! @shadows and I had a beautiful impromptu dinner at the Harbor Front but that will have to be a post for tomorrow. It was fantastic!

Until next time friends…

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