@shadowspub and I did something we haven’t done in YEARS! We grabbed some take-out in Cobourg and ate at the harbour.

Years ago we would take the kids, who always fed the seagulls, attracting great clouds of them, until one day I said, “Um, you realize you’re feeding chicken to seagulls?” Silence and puzzled looks as they took off to the playground. LOL!

Shopping in Cobourg with the kids one hot spring day I decided we needed a swim. I stripped them down to their underwear and said, “Have fun!” A few minutes later an older, crotchety looking lady approached me and started to rip me a new one, “What sort of mother are you?” blah, blah, blah, Finally I spoke up and just simply told her to bugger off and let them be kids. Once she realized her angry words were falling on deaf ears she wandered off. We had a lot of fun that day but I did start keeping swimsuits and towels in the trunk of my car. LOL!

About 38 years ago this pier was almost the scene of a stupid accident….almost. One night, on our way back from a victorious hockey game Gwen, Marge, her boyfriend, Ken, and I went for a little “joy ride” in Gwen and Marge’s Mom’s old woody station wagon. Ken drove out onto the pier and started doing donuts! Oh, did I mention there was a blizzard going on?

There was ice under the snow. Who could know? Certainly not the invincible teenagers in the car. We spun around several times and almost lost control, stopping with the front bumper out over the water and the tires perched on the edge of the pier. That was a close one! Needless to say the mood in the car on the way home was a little somber.

I hope you enjoyed these silly memories. They made me giggle.

I finished Constance’s little sweater at the hospital on Thursday. All that’s left is to wash it, block it, and sew on the buttons.

I can’t wait to see it on her.

I spent the rest of my time in the waiting room trying to cast on and knit a fairly simple shawl, Close to You, with a ball of merino wool. Honestly, my mind must have been elsewhere because I re-cast on and ripped it out about eight times before I finally put it away. Some days are just like that.

AND… the winner of 2 SBI just for guessing how many inches I completed before I left the hospital Thursday was @snook! The closest and ONLY entry. Congrats @snook. LOL!

Go forth and STEEMIATE Peeps!

Until next time friends…

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