I guess you could say I took my Hardfork Holiday to its limits considering everything was back to normal Sunday evening and it’s now Wednesday morning.

As many of you know I traveled back home to see @shadowspub. Honestly, for us, the Hardfork couldn’t have happened at a better time. Luckily her surgery went very well and we were able to enjoy our time together. It’d been several years since we had some “face time” and we took full advantage by having some lovely meals out and a leisurely drive around the area. It’s funny, that old saying, “The more things change the more they stay the same.” is actually true!

As expected my husband messaged me often..LOL!! The night before I left he messaged and asked how to clean glitter out of the carpet. Hmmm….. was he doing crafts?

Unfortunately, all holidays must end, so I booked my discounted train ticket and left Saturday morning. It’s always hard leaving family, not knowing when you’ll see them again but thanks to technology we can talk every day. I’m pretty sure @shadowspub and the kitties were happy to get back to their routine.

At Union Station in Toronto, I was standing out front, enjoying the sunshine and a smoke when an older couple walked up to me and asked where they could find the CN Tower. It was all I could do not to laugh my ass off but I turned a little to my left and pointed up:

Luckily they too saw the humor and giggled off down the street.

My next step was food! Sam, an old friend of my husband’s who works for VIA Rail, told me I HAD to go to the Dutch Pastry Slice and get a Viking Slice. My problem was finding it! There is an amazing underground concourse that goes from Union Station to pretty much City Hall and the Dutch Pastry Slice was somewhere in there. I happened to spy three VIA employees enjoying a break so I asked them, after all, they were kinda cute. One of them told me he would take me there if I bought him a slice. While it was tempting I had been warned not to feed the employees so I negotiated. Sam wasn’t kidding…that slice was AMAZING! Not too sweet and oh so flakey! Even the little sparrow that apparently lives in Union Station wanted some.

The last leg of my trip seemed to take forever but I did get a lot of knitting done. Walking down the ramp, into the station I heard a familiar voice, “Can I take your bag my Goddess?” Total surprise! Throwing my arms around my husband I whispered in his ear, “Do you know where the bathroom is?” God, I love the sound of his laugh!

The next day we went to the pool at Carling Community Center. I was proud of myself. There was a vintage camera show happening in the gym and I didn’t even peak in! No money spent! I did, however, spend a bit of time knitting for a good cause:

I explored the “Happiness Project”. Seniors in London sharing photos of what makes them happy. I love this! There were photos strung up all over and I’m told I’ll see more of them in the library today when I go to Knit Group.

I’ve finally settled back into my routines and life is normal. The Hardfork is over, until the next one and Steem is still in one piece. Life is good.

Until next time friends…

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