We have snow! I’ve missed blogging for a whole season! WTF? Lots has happened. I’m working from home! OK..so the hours aren’t the best…feast or famine but hey, for now it’s great! I’m working for an online market research company. Did I say I work at HOME? LOL. I do like it. The commute is short, warm and dry…oh and FREE!

We’ve been experiencing some big life changes. My husband’s Dad has Alzheimer’s so you know what’s been going on in his head/heart. I found a J.O.B. …. I decided if my employment was changing then I was going to make it work for me for a change. The tail still wags the dog but at least the conditions are more to my terms. It’s a start. My DH has had problems for some years with his knees and now hip. DAMN ARTHURITIS! I know…bad sp but that’s what we call it..LOL. So finally after all this time he has his first specialist appointment in January. I’m hoping he can find a light at the end of the tunnel. It’ll take time but it’s a start.

Short Rant Alert!! No offence Americans but I’ve talked to many of you who carry on about our “free” health care up here. WELL….here’s the gist of it…. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Medical care up here can be like our repair policy we had in our electronics repair shop.

Your service will be: (pick two)

Do you see the theme? We pay in many ways…. long waiting times for service, extra fees, etc and so forth. And when you are lucky enough to find a family GP you better like them cause you don’t get a second try. There just aren’t enough to go around.

A.D.D. switch – My man and I have been working on loosing weight and getting healthy!! Doing pretty well so far…more on that later on. I found a site that I recommend to anyone just starting out or has been on the path for some time and it’s FREE! Sparkpeople.com Just go there and look around. You’ll be glad you did. SparkPeople even has resources for depression! It’s a constant battle but it can be fought quite well with the right tools and determination.

That’s all for now…..Wave Wave Wave

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