It’s been an interesting few days at work but now I’m at the trailer! My Honey and I spent some time at the beach this morning. Unfortunately we decided not to swim in that “chocolate milk” but we had fun. Here’s some pics I snapped:

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Later in the day I decided it was time to yak! Grabbed all my gear, looked longingly at my unprotected dslr, loaded the car and headed for the river. I shamefully snubbed my little point and shoot camera and dry box.

Paddling the river was so peaceful…..well, kinda smelly but peaceful. LOL! As I rounded the second bend there in front of me was a young Great Blue Heron, just sunning himself. He would have been a perfect shot! It was as if he was posing for me. So I paddled as slowly and quietly as I could toward him. He didn’t seem the least bit nervous while I was “stalking” him. Even when the Belted Kingfisher erupted from the bushes and flew off, cackling away, the Heron just stood there as calm as could be.

Further along, there was another Heron, standing on the back of a pontoon boat seat! A perfect shot missed…aww well. At least I was able to see him. GRIN

I’ve been working on a strap for my camera. Almost done. You’ll see it soon. My own creation with pockets for the lens cap that I can never find. LOL

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