I was scrolling through Google Photos and realized the service they are doing for me. I’ll be honest, I’m typically the type of person who doesn’t rely on cloud type services. I mean, I do use them to move files between devices, who doesn’t? It’s so convenient.

Google has many amazing services BUT there are aspects of using those services that really piss people off. I get it. But sometimes we just have to take the good with the bad and decide where we draw our line the sand. So, while waiting for my husband to get dressed I was scrolling through the photos and discovered that they go back YEARS! I was so excited!

Google used a bunch of photos I took on my cell and created this wonderful .gif or “mini movie”. As @enginewitty would say, “This hits me in the feels.” These were taken six years ago and now that little baby boy Atticus, sitting on Papa’s knee is the big brother. Apollo, the oldest, is still making his younger siblings laugh and keeping them safe.

We had so many barefoot, pj’s in the park kinda mornings at the trailer. Kids are awesome campers and are up for any adventure especially if it’s messy! Those were great times.

I also came across a shot I thought I’d lost of my God-dog, Tilly:

I was hoping to find this shot because Tilly is perfectly posed. The background however is very distracting so I thought it would be a good shot to learn some photo editing skills with. I don’t know if it’s doable but I’m going to try because well…she’s so cute!

Until next time friends…

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