Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. I miss him. In fact I think of him in some way everyday. The day just seemed to drag on. It felt like something was just not right with my world…… until my grandson showed up.

It’s kind of amazing how my Dad’s death and the news that I was going to be a “Nana” came together. Dad’s illness was relatively short considering how serious it was. The “C” word. Thankfully for me I was in a situation that allowed me to stay with him as long as was needed. I’m not going to get into details about everything…I’m sure one way or another we have all been there. Well Dad passed, at home, the way he wanted it to be.

That day my husband drove up with the kids, our daughter, son and his girlfriend. Bright and early the next morning “D” had to run outside to throw up because the bathroom was in use. (Yah…. you can see where this is going.) It wasn’t the greatest news to hear at the time as they were both under twenty but, life’s like that.

Today I feel differently of course. Apollo is a blessing in many ways. He is so much like my Dad it’s stunning, stocky little body, ash blond hair, patient and loving. Can’t forget the temper either….. takes a bit to get him to that point, but look out! LOL As my daughter is living proof of my Grandmother’s existence, my grandson is living proof that my father is always close.

Thanks for letting me vent! I hope everyone is enjoying the thought of spring around the bend. I can’t wait to get out my kayak!!

I’ll be back…….

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