About Me

pinkowI’m Lynn from London, Ontario.

Welcome to my happy place.

Early one summer morning, long ago (I was 5) my older sister sat me in a canoe and put a paddle in my hand. I fell in love with the rhythm of the paddle and the mystical world below me. Weather paddling on, swimming in or strolling along the water it always calms my mind.

The decade of my 40’s began with a need to reclaim that calm. One weekend in August I lost my Father and discovered I was going to be a Nana. How’s that for the “When one door closes…” theory?

Before I knew it a year had passed and there were two new loves in my life:

Loves of my Life

My Grandson, Apollo, in my kayak 13 years ago. How did the time slip past so quickly?

Today Apollo is taller than I am and has a brother and a sister. The kayak is still going strong, though like me, she’s showing her age.

Taking the time to find and research the inflatable kayaks available back then paid off. I chose the Stearns Spree One because she transports easily, is lighter than a hard shell and rugged. The old girl has been patched once to date and she has been WELL loved.

During the non-kayaking months, often referred to as “Winter”, I spend my time pursuing Fiber Arts such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, tatting etc. I love learning techniques and working with the colourful textures.

Of course everything has to be done on a budget. Being frugal is as important for the wallet as it is for the environment. I firmly believe in “Reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Speaking of “the wallet”, follow along as I dive into crypto currency and curate content on a blockchain. It’s pretty cool!

Here in my happy place I like to share tidbits of life in South Western Ontario both outdoors and in. Explore and enjoy.

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