About Me

pinkowI’m Lynn from London, Ontario.

Over the years my Husband and I have needed to learn ways to be thrifty so we could have the freedom to do what makes us HAPPY! Not easy in today’s world. And EVERYONE has an opinion about HOW you should be living.

While we were raising our two children (and their friends LOL) we found many ways to live frugally. If something ripped I mended it. Pre-made foods? Sorry, too expensive and not healthy enough for my family. I made soaps, creams and lotions. We re-purposed and recycled everything we could, after all it was good for the environment and our budget. I learned how to treat minor health issues naturally. My parents grew up during the Great Depression so thankfully their habits became my habits. I’m excited to share all of this knowledge with you!

I like to review resources using my Five Owl rating system:fiveowls

Speaking of sharing… I’m a pattern junkie! I love knitting, crochet, tatting, needle work of all types, sewing, paper arts, fabric journals, soaps and cosmetics, wood working, primitive rug hooking and…and…yes it goes on. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to make what you want and/or need. Being curious and learning new skills is what it’s all about….and sharing. I love to share!

I grew up in a tiny little hamlet where my parents owned the only store. A very old, general store with the most amazing vintage stock. There were old fabrics, lace edgings, hankies, ribbons, and boxes of very old crochet cotton. Yes..my addiction started early. After several years of adventuring through life my husband and I operated a CB and electronics repair shop for 8 wonderful years. Yes..I solder and my CB handle was BrainFart! LOL When our Canadian dollar rose too high it hit our border-crossing-truck-driving customers in the wallet. We closed up shop and moved on. From there I entered the amazing food service industry. (No…that was not sarcasm.) It was a dream job while it lasted.. managing a beach side restaurant. Did I mention that I love to kayak, am an avid birder, love photography and collect owls?

I am currently a Content Curator on the Steem platform. It’s interesting and I get to work FROM HOME! If you haven’t heard about it check out Steemit.com. Most importantly it gives me the time to expand out of my comfort zone and explore the possibilities of writing and living life my way.


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